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Discuss the Banjo lesson: Bag O' Licks D Lick Endings

We’ll learn 10 different D lick phrase endings, licks that take you from D back to G. Not only that, but we’ll talk about variations of each. This works out to about 50 pounds of banjo per minute.

Enjoyed this Forum. This the first time I have viewed one of your Forums. Also like your new site. Much better than the other although I thought it great.


Thanks so much! I’m honored to have you on board!

I’ve been trying to learn the 2nd D position lick for years, I could never quite figure it out just from listening to songs. I knew the 1st D position lick from your lesson on Shenandoah Breakdown. I’ve been a lifetime member since before the first price change. :slight_smile: Thanks Ben for this lesson, I’ll be using this lick a lot!


I can’t seem to open and download the TEF files anymore. A “Samsung Health” popup keeps interfering with it. It’s strange because I don’t remember using such an App. Any advice?


Hi @msuttles Morris

What device are you using to access the TEF Files? PC, Phone or Mac?
What web browser?
Do you have TefView or Tabledit installed on your device?

I just downloaded the TEF file to my PC using Google Chrome no problems

Hi Archie,
I’m using my Samsung phone with Chrome browser. I have Tefview installed but it’s not working.

Hi Archie,
I finally figured it out; For some reason now I have to open the Tef file through the Tefview app rather than through my download files, but it’s working now. Thanks!

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Glad you got a workaround. Happy pickin

Hi Ben!! Have you got any videos from up the neck to down the neck licks? So bringing the chords back down to D

Great question! I know I have lots of those licks in actual song arrangements, so look through those. I use a few from here quite often:

Thanks Ben
Legend! :pray:

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