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Discuss the Banjo lesson: Angeline the Baker Build-a-Break

We’ve got two solos in Drop C tuning for this classic ol’ fiddle tune. The first one is a basic-intermediate version, but the second one really steps it up, taking advantage of the low 4th string!

The melody of this song never grabbed me until I saw this video. It is sweet and unique. The beginner version is now just about in muscle memory with the exception of the ending. Sometimes had a timing issue hammering that high d string. Sometimes not. More repetition should iron it out.

Looking forward to the busier version and suspect parts will be easier for me because I know some of those tricks already. (learned them here) Ben gives us so many things to do that we can pick and choose what works for us. No need to get hung up on anything when learning. Love all these ideas and options. Great player and great humor. Thanks Banjo Ben!

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Thank you for the kind words!

Initially overlooked this because it was tagged as Advanced but decided to have a look since this song is on the list for my jam workshop. Glad I did, because the first (simple) solo is very accessible and I love the drop C tuning having started to learn some clawhammer style! In fact, this song (the simpler version anyway) is not that far from a clawhammer approach and kind of a nice departure from Scruggs-heavy songs.

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