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Discuss the Banjo lesson: Amazing Grace Build-a-Break

We start with the basic melody in G that anyone can play, then fill in the spaces with pinches, and finally apply some rolls that complement the melody.

My favorite pattern for the chords is a forward-reverse pattern, switching between the low G and low D string each time for the start of the chord.

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Great Easy Lesson ! Picked right up on it

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Dear Ben,
Met your sisters last week in Arizona. Your family is soooo cool! Love you guys. Keep it all up.
Your “Jesus Loves Me” nearly made me cry. I’m a little, but tough guy with a big heart. Because of your sisters, I now have your “Banjo Ben” sticker on my Gibson case.
I’ll be working on your song for the next time out. We’re Fireside Bluegrass—just a bunch of folks going through our next mid-life crises.
God bless you. Praying for you all, and the new bass player. She’s special, also. Sheila??

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Thank you, @bob.tieszen! Yep, Susannah is her name…she’s a little firecracker!

Hi Ben, learning all the way in Scotland here.

Just wondered if it was just me, but lesson 3 seems to be unavailable, do you know if it is a bug?

What tips do you have for fretting and rolling at the same time? I’m really struggling with it.

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Welcome, and sorry for the delay! The lesson 3 is working for me, perhaps it is for you now?

Be sure and work through all the lessons as I cover the fundamentals step by step :wink: