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Discuss the Banjo lesson: Alan Munde's Backup

How often do you get to hear a banjo lesson discuss his tricks of the trade? Not often enough, that’s for sure. Enjoy this interview with Mr. Alan Munde!

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Do you still do Skype lessons

As of now, no.

Lol, ok worth a shot. I’m just a 46 year old left handed guy but lovin very minute of this!!! Thanks again!!!

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I wish I could! I’m just too slammed right now, my friend. But PLEASE take advantage of the video swap forum category where you can play things and I’ll critique and answer you with video.

Thank you so much!!! I’m a nurse practitioner in Chicago if you guys do mission work and need donations ( money , medical , etc) let me know maybe I can help. I am on Facebook under banjo Jim and tried to friend ya.

Have a blessed Easter


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Oh WOW… What a cool lesson. Thank you Mr. Ben and Mr. Munde. Killer stuff


That lesson alone is worth your annual Goldpick Subscription

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