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Dipping to deep with finger picks

I having problem with what I call dipping to deep, what I mean with my finger picks I am (what i think) dipping to deep so I don’t get a nice crisp pluck, the pick kind of rolls off the string, I use stander Dunlop picks I have re positioned them as close to the tip of my fingers as I can, if I concentrate on it I can keep them where I think they should be (watching Ben and others play) is there a good practice to help teach my self to stop dipping so far down on the string, this has caused me to have timing problems due to the longer time it takes to get off the string. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks

Hi Sallor Post a video that way @BanjoBen will be able to see the problem first hand and be better placed to advise.


thanks am working on trying to do the video and thanks for responding have a great day. :smiley: