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Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) Input request

What type of DAW and interface are others running on Windows 10?

I was very much out of date … I was running Pro Tools 10.3.5 on Windows 7, when I finally had to update my computer to Windows 10. After much struggle, I was able to get Pro Tools 10 to run on Windows 10, but I am now finding my M-Audio interface is also no longer supported under Windows 10 and I am confronted with:
(a) upgrading my interface to something that is compatible with both Windows 10 and Pro Tools 10, or
(b) having to update both my DAW and interface.

I wish I could give a good answer, but I have kept my older system on win7. Good luck with that!
That is pretty annoying. I am glad they don’t do that with cars… sorry, this year model is no longer supported.

If you do end up looking for another DAW, I like Reaper and it is inexpensive.

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What is most annoying with Pro Tools, is there’s no “upgrade” path available to save on cost… you pay full retail for a newer version. Rather predatory on their part.
I have given Reaper some consideration. The downside is that it will take a lot of work to migrate and recreate the work I have in progress in Pro Tools.