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Did you know that Russ Carson has two albums?

After seeing the boys of Kentucky Thunder in action last week I wanted to reiterate how good these musicians are. These guys were tight, they didn’t miss a beat or a note, it was amazing and a real joy to hear and to watch. We as musicians, and in my case I use that term very loosely, we appreciate the finer aspects of playing and the work that goes into it and I think we may get greater joy out of listening to these real artists than perhaps the general audience. Just my opinion.

I just want to remind y’all that some of them have their own albums and/or bands.

Russ Carson (banjo) has two albums; Last Chance and Avenue of the Giants.
Jake Workman (guitar) has an album titled Deep into the Heart.
Andy Leftwich (fiddle), has an album titled Ride.
Bryan Sutton (guitar) who is now with Hot Rize has several albums.

Have a listen and if you appreciate their talents, buy their music.

Do you have favs you want to mention?


And I just finished producing an incredible record on Dennis Parker, called “Songs Under the Air Conditioning”. It’s the story of how God saved him and restored him after being in prison. We are super proud of it, and it should launch next month sometime.

By the way, the current fiddle player is Mike Barnett, who has a couple albums including “One Song Romance”:

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Hey @BanjoBen, I just heard or saw that title somewhere, Songs Under The Air Conditioning, I can’t remember where that was. Dennis was very sweet and personable, I really enjoyed hearing what he had to say. Good onya, I look forward to that.

Mike is indeed the the current fiddle player, but Andy played with them last week which I thought was interesting. Not sure why but oh man he was on fire. I looked for something by Mike but didn’t find anything, so thanks for providing that link.

For everyone’s reference, Andy is Kentucky Thunder’s previous fiddle player and Mike is the fiddle player in this CMA awards video and Dennis is the bearded guitar player in the purplish jacket. Jake is the young cutie pie guitar payer between Mike and Ricky and that amazing banjo picker is of course Russ aka 81Crowe.

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