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I’m not sure where I saw a Michigan based Bluegrass Band mentioned in a previous post, so I thought I’d just start a new one.

I know there are a lot of Bluegrass Bands that don’t receive the credit they deserve, but The band “Detour” has got to be one of the most missed out, overlooked bands out there! I’m really impressed by them, especially Missy Armstrong’s vocals. Her singing on “I Just Saw The Rock Of Ages” is right up there with any top female vocalist in the business today. Blows me away! This is only my opinion of course, and keep in mind, this is coming from a born and raised Buckeye!

Anyway, give them a listen. “Quarter Line Road” is another really good one.

How about some other bands from your-all’s area? Any favorites or overlooked groups we may be missing out on? I’m partial to Joe Mullins myself, maybe because I know him and he’s local, but what a true professional!


We live in a very talented time . I have seen and heard many that do not even try to make it but have a sound that is great. Maybe they are true to themselves and just want to make good music and let the lime light fade so they can play it as they want it played . Growing up I did not hear of very many playing music but today it seems we have a band on every street corner . I just listen
try to learn and enjoy, it is good to have so many talented people
. .

Detour is broke up…at least for now…good band. Peter (fiddle) is a university professor, and joined when the band we were in together broke up. Lloyd Douglas (banjo) I’ve known since he was a little kid, he used to keep me up nights at festivals learning guitar licks. both are good friends and great musicians. Jimmy (sound) retired because of heart attack and is also a long-time friend.

They got plenty of air-play and recognition when the album came out and toured quite extensively, but as per normal didn’t last very long…this has been the case over the years with the several versions of the band Jeff Rose (mando) has put together…

Well that’s too bad. We all discover new groups (at least new at the time we find out about them), but I’ve never been as impressed as I was finding this band a couple years ago. I guess I missed them when they were more popular.

It’s hard to keep a Bluegrass band together anywhere. Most members have full time jobs and to keep a schedule and tour together is nearly impossible. Gotta have home and family time somewhere in that mix!

I figured you’d know something about these guys. I wonder if Jeff And Melissa are still active in music?



Perhaps it was my earlier post about Greensky Bluegrass forming in Michigan. I think they formed when they were attending Western Michigan in Kalamazoo.

They are a great Bluegrass Band - less traditional but very talented. I want to see them live one day.

There was another thread where I mentioned liking Volume Five - another Great band but they are definitely NOT from Michigan but a poster said he saw them perform in Michigan a team a festival.

While it isn’t BLUEGRASS, there is a cool band called Lord Huron. The lead singer formed the name from growing up here in Michigan and visiting Lake Huron during his family vacations as he grew up.

Well, he honored his home state with the name and I think that most of his band mates are from here - although they live in CA now.

Check them out as both CDs done by Lord Huron are very well done and moves my soul. I was fortunate to see them perform here.

If you do, drop a line and let me know what you think of it?

Jeff is full time in music as far as I know and Missy sets in with different folks form time to time around the State. The Guitar player (cab’t believe I can’t remember his name right now) runs a studio up north and plays full time also. If I recall correctly he engineered the last Detour album.