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Deering Sierra Maple

Hi Guys,

For two years now I play my goodtime two … after a long time back and forth I will now decide for a new one … and that for the deering sierra maple. is this in the US like to play? do you think this is a good follower for goodtime two?

Thank you for your answers!


Hello @Severin! My son has a Deering Sierra maple. Has had it about 3 years now and loves it. Over the years he has gone thru a Savannah beginner banjo, & a Gretsch Broadkaster Special. He then went to a Recording King R35 Madison maple (which he still has as a backup), then the Deering Sierra. He says he likes the playability and tone of the Deering the best and it is his main banjo (jams & performances, indoor and out, microphones or acoustic). He has gotten many compliments on its tone. It also stays in tune remarkably well. Folks that have swapped banjos for a song or two with him to “try” it didnt wanna give it back :grin:!! It is a pretty loud banjo, even in a large acoustic jam setting, you can clearly hear him. Also, for what it’s worth - he has tried different strings over the years but he keeps going back to the Deering medium strings. Wishing you the best in your quest for a new banjo!!!


Yes, they’re great banjos!


Hello Simone!

Thank you for your detailed report! Very helpful! I can not wait to buy it…:grin:


Thanks Ben!


I played what I think was a Sierra, (it wasn’t tagged at the store) and it was great!

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