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Deering Live - Tony Trischka Returns

As a banjo student I think it’s important to get to know a little something about lots of banjo players particularly those at the top of their game, Learning a little about their style of playing and who influenced them in their early days. That way when I get into a conversation with others I feel a lot more confident about what I know and don’t know about the banjo.

Mr. Tony Trischka returns to Deering for another round of banjo talk. on Thursday 8th April.


Thanks for the heads up Archie. I was happy to hear Deering say that Jens Kruger will be back again soon for more of his master classes. I’ll be watchingTony Trischka’s lesson.


I have admired Tony Trischka since I got the Melodic Banjo book a long time ago. I’ve been in a few workshops with him…great teacher and great stories!