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Deering Calicao... Should I buy it?

Hi everyone, Deering Calico? Anything I should consider as an alternative as I’ve fallen in love with one for sale over here in the UK. How much would you pay for one in the States? Cheers for you help…

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No idea on price… if the price is good, buy it! I’ve noticed forum folks usually love to spend other people’s money, so probably a bunch of us will tell you the same. They are good quality banjos, if in good condition. And good banjos ain’t too common in the UK. Let us know what you decide

An on-line instrument sales page doesn’t have any Calicos for less than $2,500. I wouldn’t expect to find one for less than $2,000. They are nice banjos, but it is your money and choice.

Hi Andrew

Eagle Music Huddersfield, are selling new Deering Calico’s for £3,399.00 approx. $4,488.00

That’s about the same as @BanjoBen sells them for

Yeah, to clarify, the prices I noted were for used instruments.

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Yes I got that and Andrew didn’t specify. I am pretty sure dealerships prices are pretty much the same across the board but can and do come up with some great deals. Problem is for us in the UK we incur additional costs such as import duty, VAT, shipping and of course handling charges by our postal services when we buy from the States.