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Deering Boston Banjo

Are the Deering Boston banjo,s still being made



I don’t think so

Good question. They seem to be available directly from Deering, but when you check dealer inventory, it comes up empty.

I thought I had read on their site they are no longer made and the Sierra kind of took its place?

The banjos are still on the Deering webpage.

I visited San Diego a couple of years ago and went on the Deering Factory Tour a while ago and was surprised to see that they still made the electronic banjo (Crossfire). I asked about it and they said it could be specially ordered. So even if they don’t have them in stock you’d be able to order one.

I think they sold a lot of those banjos so I would expect a used one wouldn’t be very difficult to find.


It looks like they probably still are available, but I’ve emailed our representative at Deering to see for sure. I’ll let you know what I find out.


They evidently discontinued them for a while, but have brought the 5-string version back. It would run $2,159. The soonest I can get one if someone orders one is maybe mid- to late-January, though.