Deck the halls Live event


Thanks for tonight’s session. Excellent as usual. What I liked about this session was following along at your speed and getting better at the smooth legato style of those nice licks. And moving the licks around the entire board above first position. I really feel like I’m progressing every week with nice bumps up every time you do the live events!


Man, this so great to hear! Thank you so much!


I fell asleep AGAIN!


Wait, what? What did I miss? I don’t see anything new in the CabinStream section.


Both Archie and Mark_Rocka got a good night’s sleep? :slight_smile:

This was a live event last night, soon to show up archived in the CabinStream section, I’m sure.


Dangit! I don’t know how I missed that. I’ve been busy working on creating some new licks around Ben’s melodic part of Deck the Halls. Seeing that CabinStream might be helpful to come up with even more. Looking forward to watching it.


I’ll get it up soon.