Deck the Halls Banjo Contest–Ends Sunday, 10 December!


UPDATE: Contest deadline has been extended till Sunday evening, 10 December, at midnight central!

Contest Rules and Details:

  • Link to “Deck the Halls” banjo lesson HERE.
  • US residents only.
  • Video submissions must allow me to hear and see you play.
  • Must submit video link (via email, contact form, or posted here) by Friday, 10 December, at 11:59PM Central.
  • I will choose a winner who most accurately plays the three solos UP TO SPEED (200BPM).
  • Use the jam track on the lesson page to record with.
  • Winner will receive a Bluechip thumbpick found here. NOTE: Only right-handed picks are available.
  • Winner to be announced both here and on facebook Monday, 11 December.
  • All contest participants agree for me to be able to share their name, general location, and video submission both here and to social media.


I’m in! And ready to practice my back side off. So, anyone should enter, because now you definitely won’t come in last. :sunglasses:


Awesome! What a cool idea!


i cant enter simply just becouse i dont have the skills. but ill have to ask anyway.
whats the hazzle to send outside us ? i do ask because i live outside us and in the future who knows .
is it the cost or is it something else bureaucratic.


Hey KB,

Would really like to see you enter. How good you are, doesn’t matter. If you listen to my break, you can tell I’m quite the amateur.

Anyway, I think it has to do with added costs, duties, trackability, the courier, etc.

I ship things all over the world and it can really be a hassle sometimes.

Hope that helps. Once again, would really like to see you on this.



hehe thing is he said to play att full speed . struggeling on half speed :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m right there with ya.:yum:


Honestly it’s the cost and I have to go fill out a customs form. If I want tracking, it costs quite a bit more, and things tend to get lost fairly easily going overseas. I’ll open up the next one to y’all :wink:


It’s the US Postal Service they zapped up their shipping charges a few years back and as a result I stopped buying books and DVD from the US because it was costing more to ship them than the items being purchased. Also the UK postal service slaps on a hefty handling charge to recover Value Added Tax and Import Duty. More often than not the handling charge is greater than the Tax and Duty being recovered. Eventually they will price themselves out of business.

It’s the small business owner that ultimately suffers.


I look forward to your entry! You can message me your entry video link:


Thanks Ben, I’ll give it my best shot.



I haven’t had any entries yet so you’ve got a good chance!


I don’t even play banjo and I am tempted to give it a try… if no one else enters, I got a chance :+1:


You might as well try, I don’t think it could be much worse than my attempt… :grimacing:


Have you uploaded your attempt yet? I wanna see!


I got about two hours of practice on it today. I’ve actually made it through part one a few times mistake free. Of course that’s at about 70% on the .tef. Still chugging along. :wink:


Might it be too brash to ask for an extra week?:face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Not yet… still working at getting it up to speed…


I tell you what…keep practicing. If I don’t have any entries by the deadline, I’ll extend it, but it would be wise to submit some type of entry.


I was thinking the same thing… I usually take a lot longer to learn a new piece.