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Darlin Cory Chords

Can someone please tell me what the chord progression is for Darling Cory.

I just googled it and found a bunch of different versions. Bill Monroe’s seemed to be in a major key while others were kicked off in a minor key.

Is there a particular version you’re wanting to learn?

Hi Mark

I have the TAB for Alan Munde’s version in the key of D in a TEF file from his Anthology Series DVD. I can’t hear the chord changes when I play the TEF file and I want to add a guitar rhythm track. I think for the most part the tune is on the I chord

It definitely was in most of the versions I heard, with a change to the 5 near the end of the verse, then back to 1.

If you can find an audio or video of the one you’re trying to learn, that would help out a lot.

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