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D'Addario Humidipak

Hey y’all,

I just got my D’Addario Humidipak from the General Store today and noticed that there are actually two versions of the Humidipak that D’Addario/Planet Waves offers; the “maintain” packets, and the “restore” packets (which is the version sold in the General Store). The package says that the “maintain” version is for regular everyday humidification, whereas the “restore” version is for quickly re-humidifying instruments that have been in overly dry conditions. Given that my guitar hasn’t been in overly dry conditions, is it okay to use the restore version for regular humidification? (I’ll mainly be using the humidifier when in slightly drier conditions.)
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Also does anyone know if they will work for over-humidified instruments?

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Yes they will. They are set up to deliver 40 to 50% humidity, and adding if less and subtracting if more. Pretty slick. I’ve used them for years, and the only trouble I had was when they were new; they corroded the tuners on my 1934 Martin 00-40H. Not effect on may 1936 D18, it turns out the plating was different after 1934. So…safe on anything after 1934. They have made several changes to the Humidipack since then, but I am still cautious.