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D'adarrio Soundhole Tuner

Anyone here know if the D’addario micro soundhole tuner will work well in an F hole of a mandolin, or would it be best to just get the clip on one? (My snark died and I’d like to get a backup tuner.)



I don’t know about the D’addario but I have the Korg Rim Pitch that goes onto the edge of the soundhole… I’t’s very discreet and a good idea but it has never worked well. Seems like it’s all over the place (can’t get a good reading) and eats batteries. I took it out.

The D’addario may be a much better tuner. Snarks are great and seem to always give good, consistent readings but I don’t like clip on tuners. They look ridiculous when people leave them on all the time and they will, most definitely damage your finish over time if always left on… ESPECIALLY varnish!!!

I like the idea of the micro tuners… If you get one, let us know how it works!

You could always keep a tuning fork in your pocket like Tony did… may he R.I.P.


I don’t think the soundhole tuner would work well in an F hole. I looked at the micro and my Collings f hole and I am not sure it would fit and I didn’t want to risk dropping it in there. Your f hole may be bigger than mine. That said, even if it did fit, I am pretty sure that it would be difficult to see. You need to be able to see about 3/8" behind the soundboard to see the display. In order to do that, one would have to get at a funky angle.

Now that you have asked about that, I am going to try the soundhole tuner on my flat-top mandolin (with an oval soundhole). The soundhole ones work well and I like the look. I did kill one eventually by fingernail or pick hitting it over time breaking the clip. I currently use NS Micros clipped to the peg head on both mandolins. I love the NS micros. They are about all I use now. I still have a few others laying around, but they don’t get much attention.

I like JW’s idea of a tuning fork in the pocket, but I think I’d need 8 of them for a mandolin since there are 8 strings :crazy_face:


Soundhole tuner on mandolin? Probably won’t work. But I really like the the ns micro tuners for the headstock


I’m with Gunnar on this one…


Thanks guys!