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Bought the Richard Cyclone tuners. Got the first four on. The fifth string peg won’t budge. Any chance someone will be able to help at camp? I’ve already buggered up the finish a little trying to pull it with pliers. I’m pretty upset about now. I have my starter Good Time and this Earl Scruggs Standard. I’m sure most people wouldn’t jump in to wrenching on a $4000 banjo, but I figured if you don’t ever do anything you never learn. That said, sometimes you have to get bailed out.


Hey Dave, have you seen this video?

I’m sure one of the guys will be able to fix you up at camp if you can’t remove the peg.


Wow, wish I had seen this one before I jacked it up. I was following the video where Jake was actually putting on the Richards. Didn’t show the hammer trick on that. Guess I should have researched a little more before getting started. At this point I have already restrung. Think I’ll wait til next string change to attempt again or at camp. Whichever comes first. I’m a little disgusted right now. My feeling are probably hurt more than the banjo, but I’m not ready to jump back in yet. Thanks for posting this video.


When I switched over to those tuners I noticed the fifth tuner was the same brand as the ones I had on there and nothing special so I just changed the button so it would match my tuners. That’s what I would suggest

@Timothy_L my tuners are definitely different. The button does not interchange. Thanks for the response though.

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It’s gonna be alright!

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