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Cripple Creek - Amazing

I don’t know about you, but Cripple Creek was the very first song I learned on the banjo. I’ve heard many different versions and takes on it involving altering the beat or cool licks and up the neck the stuff. It’s a staple of sorts and it’s so easy for us to take it for granted.

You guys, check this out from Russ and Jake. It starts off innocent enough, but just watch and listen.


They got out there. If they inverted the breaks (played last first, next to last second, etc.), I wonder at what point I would I know what they were playing.

Loved it. Free Bag of Licks! :wink:

Hey Maggie! - Thanks for posting this ‘Cripple Creek’ !! … VinceT
… BTW, do you have any ‘Shady Grove’ kinda like this, and not even just flatpicking on Guitar, maybe some fingerpicking of the tune/Shady Grove!? I can’t find much other that Doc Watson (which is fine/Great … but am interested in any other versions)! Thanks if you have any recommends! V

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Man, that was great! I could watch Russ for hours. His picking hand especially is just so smooth!

Hi ya Vince. Do you mean other than the Shady Grove lessons on Ben’s site? Not really. I stumbled on this Creek Creek by Russ and Jake from Ricky Skaggs and Kentucky Thunder who are also friends of Ben. Russ records many of their jam sessions and posts them. I looked but I didn’t see Shady Grove on his channel.

Hi Maggie! Yeah, actually I was/am mainly looking for a ‘fingerpicking’ version of Shady Grove., though I like flatpik’n of it for sure. (on guitar) - I do have a Ken Perlman fingerpicking version of it; tab & music outta a book, but am looking for other variations fingerstyle! I will keep looking around… (also, maybe I should try adding my own licks)?! yikes…!
Very cool about Ben/friends/w/ Ricky Skaggs/Kentucky Thunder… I have a CD w/‘Rank Stranger’ on it w/Ricky Skaggs & KT on it, great tune! Anyway thanks for get’n back… Have a good one! :slight_smile:

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