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COVID information from frontline doctors

These Doctors have been censored on social media platforms because their message doesn’t fit with the mainstream narrative.

It’s great news for all of us.


Here is a Congressional Research Service report related to Social Media banning of Free Speech.

I tend to think Social Media “platforms” can be taken to task with the current laws if there is a will.



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Let’s keep this clean, folks. This is a VERY sensitive topic.


As usual, I’m suspicious by nature. Whenever I see a story that says “The real story behind…” alarm bells go off.

Same with all the commentators who say “Things they won’t tell you in the mains stream media,” and then they quote the NY Times or ABC News or the WaPo.

Alarm bell also go off when I hear people described as “experts” when they are all dress in lab coats and they are not in the lab. That is simply meant to intimidate. It is especially effective on people who suffer from “white coat syndrome.” They get nervous and the blood pressure goes up every time they visit the doctors office.

There is a phenomenon known as “the tyranny of experts.” How many times have you followed the “experts” advice only to see things go wrong. So we ask the “experts” what happened and they come up another course of action equally flawed. An easy example would be the public school system. We’ve been following the advice of “experts” for decades. Are you satisfied with the results? If not, maybe the school board will hire an “expert consultant” to fix it.
Too many times when we seek the advice of an “expert,” what we really want is the advice of the experienced. No doubt there are "experts’ on bluegrass music who have never played a banjo, guitar or mandolin. I’d rather have an old hillbilly, with a 3rd grade education who has been picking the old 5-string his uncle left him, teaching me than an “expert” in Musicology who can tell me all about the boyhood life of Earl Scruggs, but has no callouses on his fingers.

No doubt there is a lot of mis-information running around. As one person said when the telegraph was invented, “Now a lie can travel faster than the truth.”

I try to remember that not all BS comes from Herefords.

Finally, the source of your report is something called “New Tube.” Like the MSM, they decide what you see & how you see it. You only get a small piece of the pie. Go to where they got their info and you may find a completely different story.
What you find is a huge pile of BS put together by people who’s job it is to spread BS around…the United States Congress, that amazing institution that has all the authority but bears no responsibility.

And that’s my “expert” opinion! :grin:

No, they cannot because Congress passed a law that shields them from liability. It’s the Communications Act of 1996. It also shields software developers from liability if a flaw in their software causes injury or death. You cannot sue Microsoft if their software causes your car to crash. You can sue General Motors for using it, by Microsoft would be protected.

Why such a screwy law? Check the date. 1996, the early daysof the digital era. Congress accepted the idea from the tech companies that, in order for this fledgling industry to grow, they must be permitted to make some mistakes. Congress agreed with those lobbyists and the law passed.
The same law also required all television stations to switch over to digital broadcasting. When the TV stations complained about how much it would cost, Congress promised they could make up the revenue on their side-channels. So a TV stations could carry entertainment on their main channel, and stock info or other programming on the side channels. Congress never saw the locomotive called “the internet” coming at all. This silly little thing that was really only a toy for colleges & the defense department suddenly took over the world. And now it’s run by the same people Congress made exempt.

In the end you will see a lot of congressional hearings and a lot of posturing by public officials & experts, but in the end you will not see any improvement. But many people will feel better. It’s like sticking up a “Posted” sign on your property. You have the full weight of the law on your side, but it only keeps out the honest people.

This is just too combustible a topic to let it ride here on the forum, I’m sorry. If you want to know how I feel you can message me. I’m going to close the topic–please don’t liken me to facebook censoring :joy::rofl: