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Covid-19 & Musical Instruments

For my 2 cents I would just say that yes there has been some politicking going on with covid, but conspiracy theories never work out either. I spent a week in the hospital a day or two away from a ventilator and another two fighting it and ultimately recovering. I also work for the fire dept where we’re seeing sometimes 6-10 patients a day who need to go to the hospital. It’s not fake. At the same time we should be grateful that statistically almost all of you will either not get it, or have mild symptoms if you do. We should be grateful about that. But although politicians and lawmakers should use statistics for policy decisions, etc, statistics mean nothing to the individual or their families. Now don’t take this the wrong way, I’m not offended by any of these posts or anything like that, but I hope you all realize that even though the statistics may indicate there’s been some degree of overreaction, make no mistake that this is definitely real, and it can do a lot of damage whether you’re young, old, healthy or not. I’m 40 with no medical history.


Texas a fantastic state I would go a camp there in a shot (No pun intended). Loved it there!

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