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Cool ending tag I found on Facebook

A guy named Tommy Drake on the Facebook group Bluegrass Banjo Licks and Tricks posted a video of this cool ending tag. People were asking for tab, and since I thought it was cool, I charted it out. Here’s the tab, plus a video of how it should sound.

Up On Blueridge Tag.tef (1.2 KB)
Up on Blueridge Tag Tab.pdf (219.0 KB)


Very cool, with a very contemporary sound!


That’s the ending to Scott Vestal’s “Up on the Blue Ridge,” which is a super fun song to play. It’s tabbed out in the AccuTab book available from him as well. Funny thing is I played that tag in this video I posted a few weeks ago. Probably not very well though… :slight_smile:


Yes! That’s exactly what the original poster said. Good ear!

It sounds like you played well to me. Great picking!


Sweet! Mark, thanks for sending that out! (By the way, I haven’t a clue how to do that tech stuff like pasting a tab into a comment or attaching a video.) Guess it’s time for this old 20th century non-nerd to get it on! I’ll figure it out and surprise you!


It’s not hard at all. Attaching tabs or small pictures just requires clicking or tapping the Upload button


For videos, you’ll need to create a free YouTube account, upload videos there, then paste in the link to them here in your comment. If you paste in the whole link, the forum will embed it so folks can play the video here rather than having to go to YouTube.


OK Mark! I’ll give 'er a try… I could send a picture of my banjo with the new GHS strings I put on it this morning. Strings I got in my Cabin Camp backpack. I got medium lights and mediums. Tried the M lights. Nah, I think the Mediums will be better. I’ve always used medium heavies.

Thanks for the help on uploading! Yer in trouble now!!!


I can’t wait! Looking forward to seeing what you’ve been up to.


He can sing - He can play the bass -He plays the banjo - He tabs out awesome licks to the lickless
Is there anything Mr Rocka cannot do? doubt it!
I really enjoyed @Mark_Rocka I wanted to reply in action, added a little extension I thought connected well

I might be your biggest fan yet, I have even adhered to the bass in the background :wink:


you nailed it mate, you are a great player

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Dude, you got it! That was great, and a nice little add on, too. A tag tag, if you will. :laughing: Well done!