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Converting Mando tab to guitar in TablEdit

I finally broke down and bought the TablEdit program today. As I am not the sharpest tool in the shed when it comes to computers, it was a steep learning curve but I managed to hack out a Mandolin tab of " Eighth of January" from a video that my daughters Mando teacher made for her. Finally my question: I want to convert that Mando tab to a guitar tab so I can play exactly the same thing she is. Is there an easy way to do that in the program or do I need to do it by hand note for note?

I know one of you computer whizzes knows!

Personally I’ve never done it, but this looks promising but tricky (just doing some googlizing):

I didn’t read shedrick’s link yet (so it might cover this), but what I do for such a task is just a few steps in Tabledit:

  1. Copy the notes (standard notation) from the source music
    edit… start a new Tabledit project
  2. Change the tuning (under Score|Instrument|Tuning tab)
  3. Paste the notes back in

I then end up with the same notes with a tab for a different instrument.

I don’t know about Mando, but this works for Banjo. Check out my instructions at the bottom of this thread.