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Hi @BanjoBen how is your recovery coming along? Still on the meds ?

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I’ve run out of meds, unfortunately, because I still need them…ha! The surgery was quite extensive and recovery is going slow. Here’s one pic from surgery. One of the things they had to do was cut my heel bone and scoot my foot over and screw it it place, then they also did a bunch of tendon repair and built an arch, etc.


It looks like a see a spur at the bottom of your foot. Mind you, I’m no doctor, but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express!

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Yeah, he trimmed it up after taking this pic, thankfully!

Wow! Your doctor literally screwed you. :flushed:


Ouch - That looks painful.

The $50 question is. Will you be able to play Duelling Banjos once you recover ?

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Hey Ben if you run out of meds you can always turn the grannies home remedies.

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I’ve got my banjo strap that fits nicely between my teeth…now to find some of Granny’s cough syrup to go with it!


Wow you must have been suffering with that longer than you thought.

Yeah, I had dealt with the pain for quite a while, actually most of the pain in my knee caused by the foot deformity. In two months I’ll have knee surgery to repair the meniscus tears and clean up cartilage, etc.

Prayers for a speedy recovery, Banjo Ben.

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What’s that fungus growing on your face @BanjoBen can’t you work a razor ?

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You sound like my wife! Hahahahaha

Stay strong, @BanjoBen!