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Computer games

So I have had a computer since I was 7 years old, even though my degree is in Microbiology. Go figure.
I work for one of the world’s largest software companies, that writes the software your computers are probably running.
For stress, relief I usually play computer games, and walk around small downtown areas.

Over the years, I’ve probably taught myself enough, plumbing, electrical work, etc, to just be dangerous.

If you guys/gals have computer questions shoot them my way and will try to help.


Do you know why the browser (chrome) on my phone (Samsung galaxy grand 2012) doesn’t recognize the format of most YouTube videos?

I don’t as I use an iPhone but the first thing I would do is pull the Youtube app off and reinstall it to see if it associates the links correctly.

Do you know anyone that could program an app for iphone that would quiz you on banjo chords? I bought one a while back that was in the format of a game, but it’s seriously lacking.

You could download xcode and start writing your own app in swift. I started learning how to write iphone apps once. Hard to make money at it though. Developers in India are much cheaper. Lots of great courses on Coursera.


Lol - perfect

Ha! I uninstalled YouTube updates to make more storage space. I don’t use it, I only watch embedded vids on forums