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College Football is HERE!

Forum Members near and far,

The week of College Football opening weekend is finally upon us (save for the last weekend where Florida seemed to be outplayed by a spirited Miami team… but did escape with a win in the end.

I invite all members to throw down whatever comments on this thread… all season long.

Oh… and… GO BLUE!

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Oh… and please… Speak up for the small schools too. College Spirit and devotion to one’s alma mater is not only encouraged but honored and respected!

Shout out to my Lawrence Tech Blue Devils, Southern Illinois Salukis, and Air Force’s Fighting Falcons (I’m a USAF Vet and for my AS from Community College of the Air Force).

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Thanks for the like about the small school comment @Dragonslayer… but I noticed there is no like for Michigan? What’s up with that? :thinking::smirk:

Alma Mater - Latin…

Knowing alma meant Soul in Portuguese, I was curious to see the Latin equivalent for Alma Mater might be - presuming ‘Mater’ was something like mother. That would make Soul Mother?

So… I looked it up - and sure 'nuff:

Alma mater ( Latin : alma mater , lit. ‘nourishing mother’; pl. [rarely used] almae matres) is an allegorical Latin phrase for a university, school, or college that one formerly attended.

Umm, I’m not a fan of college football, so the first post was indifferent for me. In the second post, you mentioned the air force academy, and being a vet. I don’t care about colleges, but I’m very patriotic, so I liked the other comment

Amen, my Bluegrass Brother!

What branch did you serve… and thank you for your service!

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Oh sorry, I didn’t serve militarily, but I have great respect for those who have (I’m too young anyway, I don’t think they take sixteen year olds) I meant that you mentioned being a vet, but I admit my phrasing was misleading. Sorry!

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Yes… Lol.

Wording was confusing… So I also didn’t question what you were saying… although I know you are quite young, of course!

Thank you for supporting and respecting Vets!

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