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Clever Inventors


Here is a simple but very innovative…


My father would tell you these people are NOT inventors, for none of these devices are actually new.
They are Mechanical Engineers.
As a graduate of an Ivy League school, he was a persnickety engineer!


That’s very similar to a thought I had a long time ago that has stirred up some controversy more than once. When I realized that all elements already exist in nature, it occurred to me that there’s no such thing as an invention. There are only discoveries. What we call inventions are almost always just newly discovered ways of arranging existing molecules.

You’d think that would be a very liberating thought, but a few people have taken serious issue with it. :laughing:


Or could enhancement (or dehancement??) or similar term be more appropriate??

Creativity is a funny thing. We all recognize it, but find it difficult to explain exactly what it is.
Bill Moyers did a series on PBS years ago that explored the subject. He skipped artists and went to farmers, who found creative ways of growing crops in poor soil. He found creativity all around him, and none of it had anything to do with the arts.
Finally, at the end of the series he said, “We wanted to define creative, but we have not been able to come up with a clear definition.
However, for all intents and purposes, creativity seems to be 'looking at the world as it is from a slightly different perspective.”
As a rugged outdoorsman, I know exactly what he means. He means when you are lost in the woods and can’t see anything but trees, take a short little sidestep and behold! Great lanes open up and you can see for a hundred yards!

Looking at things the way they are, from a slightly different angle.
That’s the way Earl did it! :+1:


I just enjoy creativity I don’t try to analyse it

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