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Clear drum head vs White Head

I currently play an Arrow arch top with a clear drum head. I have found a RK 35 locally for sale. It has a traditional white head. Is there a difference between the two, besides that of personal preference?

I don’t know how much difference in tone there is, but I’m a fan of the trad white ones. I’ve played some banjos with a clear head that seemed more mellow, but that doesn’t mean it is the head exclusively.

I started flat picking the banjo. My finger tip would brush the traditional head, making a raspy noise. When I was given the arrow, it had a clear drum head. No more rasp. But now that I’m learning finger picking… an RK 35 BR Madison for $700 seems to good to pass up.


My two cent’s. Never played a clear head but I have played one with the frosting on the inside. To my ear the smooth head sounded quite tinny, So first opportunity I went back to a frosted head which I prefer