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Cleaning the banjo

I’m pretty new to the banjo and I have a basic little question: how often do you clean the banjo? Is it necessary to clean the strings too, and if so, how do you do it?

Great question! This depends on how much you drool when you play, and if there’s tobacky in your mouth when you do :slight_smile:

Seriously, I don’t clean mine too often because they don’t get too dirty, but it’s a good thing to do once or twice a year. If you’re playing outside and sweating on it a lot, I’d definitely clean it more often, at least wipe down the arm rest and neck. I will take a damp cloth and clean each string from time to time as well. Just grab a single string in the cloth near the nut and wipe it all the way to the bridge and back. I will normally do this if I hear unusual squeaking. I’m about to add some cleaning products to the store in the next couple weeks and will have some demo vids to accompany them.


I clean mine fairly regularly. Paper tissue to clean the strings. I have oily hands so I need to keep on top of this . Soft dry paint brush to remove dust from around the metal pot. Pipe cleaners to clean under the tension hooks and along the edge of the fret wires. Clean off any finger marks from the head with a rubber eraser.

Every once in a while. Light drop of lemon oil to clean the fingerboard wipe off with a dry cloth. I use Stelling Glyde Cote to clean the wood, the neck, resonator and peg head. I usually take the resonator cover off to remove any dirt /debris deposits approx. every six months.


Wow, thank you very much for those tips, that is kind! :slight_smile:

Hi Imme, glad to be of some help. Welcome to @BanjoBen 's Forum


A paint brush! That’s brilliant! Definitely going to start doing that. Thanks!

I use a soft wiping cloth I bought at a music store to wipe down the instrument - but mostly the strings - for the same reason that Archie mentioned. I don’t do it EVERY time I play… but I try to get it out every once-in-awhile… as my fingers aren’t too oily.

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