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Circle TV Network

A new TV station popped up this year that some forum members might be interested in. I don’t have cable, I use over the air digital TV (broadcast). It is called Circle and it features a lot of shows about the Grand Ole Opry. It is so new that it isn’t even on my online TV Guide listings. But you can take a look at the article below and see the types of shows they will broadcast. A few that look promising are the behind the scenes at the Opry, Bluebird Cafe broadcasts, songwriter programs, etc. It isn’t all good, I saw a show this weekend that was kind of like the Kelly Clarkson show. (If you don’t know who she is, you are lucky.) Anyway, if you have some time while you are waiting for your Banjo Ben replacement strings to arrive in the mail check it out.


I know who she is because her keyboardist went to high school with my mom…
I also know that she has a strong opinion about country music that is pretty similar to mine

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