Chunking and Vamping



What’s the difference between chunking and vamping? Is there even a difference? I perceive it to be little more than playing backbeats. (Not minimizing it).

And to follow up, is this the bluegrass “groove” that sometimes gets mentioned?



There is no difference to me, and I explain the groove in my lesson that went up today. Groove applies to all playing–rolling or vamping. Groove is achieved by listening to those around you.


Wow! Perfect timing. I’ve been practicing Tony Wray the last few nights, which led to why I asked the question.

His first two licks are so powerful, and yet they’re not too difficult to play.

I’m having a blast with that lesson. This new one will make it all the better! Thanks Ben.

How many pick points do I get for brown nosing? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: