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The one term I would use to describe Ben is ‘workhorse’. Man everyday day it seems there is a new lesson for the three instruments. I play guitar and mandolin so I feel like a kid on Christmas morning when I see a new lesson - I’ve come to the stage where I do not know what present to open next!! Help!!


Ha! I appreciate the shoutout. I often wonder how sustainable it is and my hope is to produce so much content that there is almost no way a person could work through it all. I know that I’ll keep doing it as long as the Lord allows and folks keep supporting my efforts.


Goodness I’ve been with you for over four years and I just can’t keep up with the BANJO content how could anyone hope to achieve it on all three instruments beggars belief.


I agree! I can’t wait to start learning other instruments too. It’s great knowing there is content for all three instruments I’m interested in. I also really enjoy the idea that ill be more familiar with the tunes when I switch from the mandolin.

My bet is that if you were taking in person lessons, you would never get this much instruction. I can’t see anyway anyone could ever make it through all these lessons. Besides that, in person lessons have to be done at a set time every week. Online lessons can be done at any time