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Chord Chart

I may just be missing it, but is there a chord chart posted somewhere on the website?

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Welcome Tim
More specific to any particular tune, or just a chart in general?

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Welcome to the forum @timzolezzi!!!
I would be interested in that as well. A chart that shows the chord positions, like the major chords, minors, flats etc.

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Yeah, I have chord charts spread out throughout the lessons. Which instrument chords are you talking about?


Hi gang,

I’m just guessing here, but I think @timzolezzi is looking for a chart that shows how to form each chord for a particular instrument, not tune specific, just all the chords on a banjo for instance. Up the neck versions of each chord would be a bonus. A quick reference if you will. I’ve always been on the lookout for such a chart but have yet to find the perfect one.

The closest thing I’ve found and use now is an app called Chords Compass which supports banjo, mando, guitar, uke, bass, keyboard and more. You select your key, the chord, chord type, and addition, and it will display all the ways to form the chord and each has a play button so you can hear it. You can also select different positions up the neck and it will display new forms.

It even supports right and left handed instruments and supports different string tuning such as banjo Open G, d tuning, Standard C, Plectrum and more. You can also transfer chords from one instrument to another. Apparently, you can drag and drop chords into editors and to Garage Band, so I guess there’s a PC version as well.

Just FYI, I have no interest in this product or the company that developed it other than I’m a happy user of it.



@timzolezzi I started the mandolin lesson from the beginning, and followed through the coursework, scales etc. because I was starting music playing from scratch…no previous experience playing an instrument. I am confidant you can learn the chords by following the coursework for your instrument…


Mel Bay’s Banjo and chord Reference Wall Chart By Janet Davis, you can google it or Amazon. It’s cheap ( I think I paid ten bucks =/- and it has everything and more! I put it in my practice space and find it very helpful ( info for day’s) Hope that helps. Pick-on. :grinning:

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Oh my bad, Excuse my manors. Welcome to the site!:blush: There’s also a smaller hand held chart . Go to they have a laminated Banjo Chord chart that you can carry with you or keep with your sheet music that’s also handy. Hope that helps


Hi Timothy @timzolezzi Welcome to @BanjoBen 's Forum

I concur with @Mandolinda When I was a beginner learning banjo I had a hard time trying to follow chord charts in particular the minor chord shapes. @BanjoBen 's method of teaching makes chord charts obsolete because your learning the shapes and their position on the fret board .

If your a banjo player check out the following lessons.

But rather than jumping through random lessons I would encourage you to work through the Beginner Learning Track then you will build all the skills and knowledge you need as you progress


Intermediate/Advanced Lessons

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