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Choosing picks

How does everyone choose their picks? I have quite small hands and slim fingers and my picks tend to wrap over each other. Looking at others online, I still think maybe my picks are still not tight enough. My thumb pick is a medium as I found the small really tight, but maybe I should be using the small?
How tight do you guys where your picks?

I had a set sent to me, and I wear those. I wear them snug, but not tight, and I’ve noticed that they can feel tighter or looser with weather change, from my fingers changing I think. $.02 not sure if that helps though

Hi @Jono, Trial and error, after many years I settled with Stainless Steel Angled ProPicks and Jim Dunlop clear plastic thumb pick

If you’re near a music store, I recommend taking your banjo there and sit down with several picks. Most music store employees are very accommodating. They understand what it’s like to not have the right gear and will likely line you out with several shapes and sizes for you to choose from.

With the thumb pick specifically, if you find one that fits right but the pick part sticks out too far, don’t forget that you can use a file or sand paper to trim it back to a length that works for you. One exception to that is the BlueChip picks. Please don’t file on a $40 pick. :wink:

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@Jono I use the Stainless Steel Pro angled Pro pik on my index and a Dunlop on my middle, as for thumb I use a Dunlop tan?, clear?, brown? (all I know is that if I drop it on my wooden floor it disappears, so maybe its Stealth colored…).Was using a Blue Chip thumb pik, but I can’t get it to stay on correctly. Its just a matter of choice(and cost) sometimes, there is probably not one picker in here that doesn’t have a few different sets around. I wear mine tight enough so they don’t slip or fall off. You can also mold some of the plastic thumb piks to your liking by heating them up in “hot” water.

How long have you had your Bluechip? I’ve read those guys are pretty helpful and really want you to enjoy your pick. Maybe they can help you out.

its been probably over 5 yrs or so. When i first started playing, sometime back, i bought one. I like it, but just cant get it to stay in place. So, idk if they can do anything about it after so long.

It never hurts to ask. The worst they can say is “No.”

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And if they do say no, you can just send it to me! :wink:

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Tye, stick your thumb in your mouth and get it wet, then put your pick on. I know it sounds gross but it works. Mine have never slipped again since I started doing it.



Dust from fiddle rosin works for holding picks in place if you have some around.

For plastic thumbpicks some have been known to cut a grove or two in the flat part where your finger pad touches.

Ultimately, it comes down to the pick fitting well, and being the correct size.