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Chinquapin Hunting

Hey Ben …can you comment on that Northfield mandolin you were using ? I couldnt find it for sale at the General Store or on Northfield’s web site ! thanks


Glad you asked :wink: This is a 5-bar Artist Series just sent to me by Northfield. It’s not on the site but it’s technically for sale. One reason I haven’t put it on the site is because I kind of want to keep it, haha, which is true for every Northfield that comes through the cabin.

This one is really special though, it’s just stellar, the best I’ve played brand new. And look at the back :heart_eyes:


Man, that is just gorgeous!


Wow !!! I thought it might be an Artist model . It looks amazing and sounds even better . And a 5-bar with an Engelman spruce top ? How does it compare to your Gibson Master model ? I am in awe !! Still working on Chinquapin Hunting , but love that mandolin ! :heart::+1:

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I don’t have a Gibson Master model, only the F5-G, and this Northfield is much much more of a mandolin than the Gibson.

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my mistake on the Gibson. guess I dont know the different models too well. That Northfield is the sweetest sounding mandolin !!!
Thanks for your quick response. Stay healthy and safe!