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Cherokee Shuffle by my self band

Here’s a project I started a few months ago. I recommend listening with earphones to hear the guitar solo. Go to YouTube for the full description.
Hope you enjoy it!


Awesome Job! Are you using GarageBand? I just figured out how to change the volume during certain solos, did you do that during the guitar solo? Another random question, how high is your banjo action?

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Thanks! Yeah, I’m using garageband, and I did adjust the volume for the guitar solo all the way up (actually I adjusted it for each solo to give a working the mic effect)
Tha action on the banjo I played clawhammer on is very high, on the Scruggs one it’s fairly low

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Man. that squirrel can play everything!


You are such a talented and creative dude! That was fantastic all around…playing, editing and pics. Thanks for sharing!

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That was super!! And your troop as well! Enjoyed it…

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Great job! I was especially impressed with the bulldog’s picking. :smile:


Thanks everyone!

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