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Checked out in the Sundowner

I’ve been paying a monthly club rental fee on this Beech Sundowner since January…I finally got to fly it (and get signed off) today! I hope to get up in the air every week or two while the weather is cool. This thing is a beauty and I’ll be posting more about her soon. Russ Carson and I have some YouTube vid ideas :wink:



Good to see you having some fun, man.

That’s sweet Ben, congrats! I still have my Student Pilot cert, but had to stop just short of solo due to a bad instructor that ate up all my VA hours, so I had to put it on hold. Be nice to get back in the air. It’s incredible up there!
First Takeoff 01 June 2016

2016-06-07 Lesson 4 Flying Around a Storm 4

That’s a sweet looking Beech!

I got to take Charlie up today for her first co-pilot ride. She’s always been stuck in the back, but today was Daddy-Daughter Day :wink:





Awesome sweetness! Look at that smile!

So cute. She’s having a ball. Hey Ben, the video link is good but all of the image links are bad.