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Check out these Reagan 5th string capos! SOLD OUT in 2 hours!

SOLD OUT–Will let you know if we come across some more.

These aren’t made anymore…we have the last batch, or really close to it. They are handy. They are $13.95 plus shipping…not on the site yet, but you can call Jake and grab one while we have them. Don’t forget to buy other stuff to make that shipping worthwhile :slight_smile:


That sure is a handsome banjo Jake. Love the bling :heart_eyes:

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Thanks! It was my dads. 1927 Vega. His brother had dug in out of a dumpster behind a bar in Auburn California. At 14 years old, my dad bought it from him…but only because his brother had priced the banjo in a “bundle deal” with a WW1 1903 Springfield Rifle and a case of ammo. Dad didn’t care about the banjo, but he wanted that rifle. I think he paid $35 for the whole package deal…and that put him on the path to learning to play. Our family wasn’t particularly musical until that time forward, so this banjo is big reason for music in my life. Now that my dad has passed, it’s one of my most sentimental belongings. I still have that old rifle too…lol.


Man, that is a really cool story! I love hearing stories about the sentiment of our instruments.

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Wow what an amazing history. Who would throw such a beautiful piece of art in a dumpster. Glad it found a new home and someone who appreciates its sentimental value

You must record some tunes and post them on the video swap

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Sounds like a plan! I will try to con a real banjo player into doing a “show and tell” with it someday soon.

Some day could you post high resolution pictures of your banjo? Great story!!

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Shoot. i wanted to get one of these.

Sorry man…over 50 sold in no time. I posted here the night before. I will try my best to offer stuff here before I go to the masses.

Not your fault. I did not react fast enough. Just didn’t think they would go that fast. lol

My friend, neither did I.

Ben, did you offer these any where else? If not, I’m thinking this forum has a TON of lurkers. Either that or someone bought up a bunch of them.

I posted here Thursday afternoon then went to social media and email Friday morning. I try to give a heads up here the day before when I can.

Y’all make sure you’re signed up on my new merchandise announcements email list on your account page.

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Received my order today including the Reagan 5th string capo, the Paige capo, and the Neotech banjo strap. I practiced with them tonight and appreciate them all. Especially the Reagan. No added sharpness capoing up like the spikes. Thanks Ben and Jake for putting up the products you would use. That saves us alot of “fiddling” around with things that may not work a well… you see what I did there. That was for you Jake.