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Check out Google today!


Very cool!

Loved the animated fingers. My wife even messaged me from work to tell me about it.

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Immediately I was reminded of BanjoBen when I saw the Google background. Banjo is getting popular worldwide??!! Or is it already?

I think bluegrass, in general, goes through a bit of a revival every couple of decades. I remember hearing of a rise in interest in banjo, and bluegrass overall, when Bela Fleck came on the scene. Then it died back down, but yes, it does seem interest is on the rise again. Maybe we have sites like this one to thank for that?

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I was pleasantly surprised to see this, and loved the finger animation too!

I’m pretty sure that animation is the Foggy Mountain lick, isn’t it?

Sure Mark, credit then goes to BanjoBen and mass teachers like him if there were any! I got acquainted to bluegrass mainly from old gospel music.