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Hey guys,
I recently got some Cheat-A-Keys D tuners and have been enjoying them a lot, and I have a few questions about them:

  1. Is it safe to leave the tuners on the peg head for an extended period of time, or could this potentially leave marks on the peg head?
  2. I noticed that, while the 3rd (G) string tuner operates very smoothly, the 2nd (B) string tuner is less smooth and squeaks when turned. Any tips on preventing this? It doesn’t seem like they would need lubrication as they started doing this right off the bat. I also adjusted the tension of the screw in the back of the tuner button but that didn’t seem to help very much.
  3. Can you set the 2nd string tuner to tune from B up to C instead of B down to A for songs such as Randy Lynn Rag/Bear Tracks? For some reason I’ve never really seen anyone do this before.



Cool! I’ve also recently got some and have some experience.

  1. Yes it’s fine, you’re more likely to make marks putting them on and off repeatedly
  2. Mine squeak too, I think it’s normal. It’s not very irritating cuz the banjo is loud enough to cover it
  3. Yes totally! Just tune the string up to C, then set the adjustment screw so dtuned it’s a B, and then leave it detuned. I’ve done it a few times, but I don’t really know randy lynn rag…

Mine never squeaked, a little 3 in one oil might help that? As far as marking it up, I had a set on a banjo very tightly for almost 2 years and it left no marks when I removed it.