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Cheat-A-Keys, Apollo tuners etc

I’ve been watching and reading mixed reviews on using these types of tuners. Seems as if the Apollo or Cheats is the best option rather than d tuners. However, looking at my gold star case I notice that the case holds just enough depth for the standard tuners. So surely these longer tuners will cause problem’s in the case with possibly the head then resting on these tuners. Does anyone have any experience of using these and which system is better??

Scrub that…I just double checked and there is more clearance than I thought in my case. Looks like they should fit depth wise in the case. I take it that they would fit on a gold star head?

They should, but I don’t know for sure. I am quite satisfied with the Keith tuners, but I have lots of folks buy the cheats.

I heard mixed reviews about keith’s having to be constantly reset. However I wouldn’t be apposed to trying some. Only thing that’s put me off is I was told you have to drill the peg holes larger. Is that true?

Nope, not true. Not if you have standard sized tuners.

Well I have a gold star gf85. So I take it they would have standard tuners?
Thanks for the info Ben. Much appreciated.

Yes, they should slip right in. To be sure, email Jake at

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