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Cheap, fun, bluegrass festivals

I’m always looking for inexpensive bluegrass festivals to park my camper for the weekend and make some joyful noise. My son, wife and I all like to attend, so anything priced north of $120/person gets expensive real quickly. Additional points for decent camper hookups and lots of jamming.

I’m here in PA, so I’ll start us off with the Remington Ryde Bluegrass Festival: $50/person for 5 days with electric and water hookups. The Delaware Valley Bluegrass Festival is pretty nice with lots of jamming and some minimal electric hook up; $100/person, electric extra:

What are some of your low cost favorites.


Great suggestions! Tons to do in the Hershey area.

I’m surprised at so few responses. Do folks here go to bluegrass festivals?
Here is a list of some in the NE US:

I go to several but distance from PA would take away the “affordable” aspect. The few in E. OH (Norwalk & Manfield) might be close enough…

Thanks Dave!

I wasn’t really looking for more festivals up my way (although you never know when you might find a local gem). I was more interested in festivals anywhere that folks might think of as a diamond in the rough. The couple I mentioned are just a among the ones I like to attend each summer because they are good festivals (fun jamming, good acts, nice folks…etc.) that don’t break the bank to attend. Some wonderful festivals like Merlefest (about $200/person with additional $150 for RV camping) and Gray Fox ($210/person with camping) are a little out of my league; especially when you consider that I need 3 tickets. I’m sure they are worth every penny, but so is a 1939 Martin bone and I cannot afford one of those either. :wink:

Anyway, thanks for the reply and maybe some other folks will share their favorite festivals.

I can relate to the price thing…it’s what keeps me from attending those bigger festivals.

If I had to pick one around here it would be Charlotte…for the over all amount and quality of music in the parking lot and the inclusiveness of the jams.

Festival: Armuchee Memorial Weekend Bluegrass Festival
City, State: Armuchee, GA
Start Date: Thu May 24, 2018
End Date: Sat May 26, 2018
Web Site:
(Web site opens in new browser window)
Telephone: 770-928-4517
(Call before travelling; events can change)
Notes: Best Jamming Festival in Georgia.
Covered Dish Dinner Thursday at 6 PM
Friday Stage Show 4:45 PM Till ???
Saturday Stage Show 10:45 AM Till ???
Campers Welcome Early, Come Jam.
For Camping Information contact
Chuck Langley 706-766-6352
Dan Daniel 770-900-7472