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Charlie - Carrollton, Ms

New here and I think I’m gonna like it alot. 67 been playing guitar since I was 10, in fact all I do now is practice. Since I quit playing out live bout 7 years ago I’ve been working on classical, jazz melody playing and now flatpickin’, getting back to where I started. Think the first song my daddy taught me was Wildwood Flower and Under The Double Eagle and I’ve come full circle and I love it!

Funny thing, since I started practicing on different genre’s so much I’ve realized just how much I don’t know!

Edit: once I posted I saw “chick” as name on my post. Don’t know how that got there ha but it’s my nick name, chickenlips, chicken head etc thru the years it’s been shortened to chick, oh well


Nice to meet you chick, or Charlie, or Burt… honestly I’m kinda confused about what to call you. :slight_smile: Great to have you with us!

Your post ended up in the Gold Picker of the Week category, which is normally reserved for Ben to post each week’s GPotW winner. I hope you don’t mind, I’m going to move it to the General category to eliminate confusion.

Hope to see you around the board! Sounds like you’ll be a wealth of knowledge with your level of experience.

Welcome! As @Mark_Rocka said, I hope you will participate regularly on the forum

Welcome Charlie hope you enjoy your time here

Great to have you!

Thanks, haven’t had much time to browse around but enough to know that I made a wise decision coming here.

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Welcome! Look forward to seeing you in the Forum.

Welcome Charlie! You are among friends here.