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Change user name in the forum

I have tried several times to change my user name back to welder4 but it insists on leaving it at welder 41 , any idea about what I am doing wrong and I saved it and it will not change to welder4 I used Marks post to change it but no luck

It could mean that there’s an old user account with that nick name. I’ll see if I can check that when I get in front of a PC.

I think the old website’s forum names got changed. I know mine got a 1 added to it in the changeover.

I just checked and the problem is that both of your old forum user accounts came over, but they weren’t tied to your new accounts here. So there are technically accounts that already have your desired names. I just messaged Ben to ask how he’d like me to handle this. I’ll post back here as soon as we get it cleared up.

I will check into this and let y’all know. We will do everything we can to get the accounts merged.