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CC Mini Travel and Child Size Banjo

So my son is 11, and it’s time to start teaching him what little i know of the Banjo. He has a CC-Mini. I was curious if anyone has had luck tuning these to Open G or know what gauge/style strings i should try?


Hey Paul! Welcome to the forum!

I was going to suggest buying some heavier gauge strings and try open G, but it looks like the strings it comes with are already pretty heavy with 11s on the 1st and 5th strings. Can you confirm these are the strings on it now?

I’m not sure there’s an existing set out there much heavier than those. You might need to build a custom set out of individual strings.

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I would say yes. Whatever came stock on the banjo when i purchased it, is still on there.

I read online the plucky could be switched to Open G by changing to strings gauged 016, .034, .024, .019, .016. I would assume that would still work for the CC-Mini.

No Idea what kind of strings to search for! But this is the video that gave me the idea: Mini Five String Banjo- open g tuning - YouTube

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I don’t know for sure, but I think the scale length on the Plucky is quite a bit shorter than your CC. .016 may be a little too heavy if that’s the case. I was thinking a .013 or .014 for the 1st and 5th strings.

I bet the folks at the General Store could help you out with it in no time. They’re probably slammed today with it being their Grand Opening, but next week they could probably steer you in the right direction. Just give them a call. :blush:


Will do thanks for the help!

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Gold Tone does recommend a set of gauges for tuning it to G- I think it’s the ones you posted above. They work for the BG mini, CC mini, and the Plucky. I tried a set on a BG mini once, and they did tune to G. The sound and playability was less than ideal though with a wound 3td (and maybe even second) string.

It is something I’ve been wanting to experiment with though- I have a custom mini banjo which is a copy of my full sized one and I’d like to change it from C tuning to G eventually as well.



Hi Paul welcome to @BanjoBen 's Forum. Have you tried contacting Gold Tone I am sure they will be able to recommend something.

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I wanted a cc-mini tuned to G. But Goldtone no longer lists the g tuning gauge strings. I contacted Gold Tone and they said G tuning did not sound good.

Emailed them on Saturday!

Thanks for this reply. I dont think my 11 y/o will care. :slight_smile:

I thought this one sounded good enough for learning: Mini Five String Banjo- open g tuning - YouTube