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Catch up with Ken!

Our friend Ken, @WELDER41, has been feeling sick for a while. This is a thread for him to read and be uplifted by your comments. We love you, buddy!

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Still praying for you Ken! When I get off the road and get into my slow season, I’ll try to get down and see you…

God Bless!


May God’s Blessings descend upon you… and uplift your spirit.

Been missing you, Ken. The group isn’t quite the same without you around.

Ken, we miss you buddy! I think of you often. I hope you are getting to spend some time with the Martin or the Fender.

I am praying for you. If there are specific things to pray, let us know and we will lift them up.

Ken we send you love, hugs and our prayers. This one is just for you Buddy.

Keep on the Sunny Side Ken!

strong textWow I almost cried . so many of you just made my whole year . I no longer go to my cardiologist instead I am at the heart failure clinic at Kettering hospital in Ohio . Guys just keep on playing that wonderful music . I revisted Foggy mnt break down and am getting better at it but no cigar yet, I won’t give up. I will write more later but just got back from the clinic and am tired . thanks so much for your kind words .


Glad to hear from you again Ken. Keep on pickin! Prayers out to you.


One of my children needed some help so I sold the fender . so I no longer have that . the Martin has been sold also but that was my choosing , I havestrong text wanted a Taylor for many years and I got a good deal on a brand new one it sold for 1200 and I got a scratch and dent sale for 703 bucks . it was on sale for 1100 , I looked for three months and could not find a scratch nor a dent I finally found a flaw in the finish but no one would ever notiice it . It has the Taylor sound . which I love and it is a bit easier to ploay . I am happy with the trade.

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Glad to hear you are loving that Taylor!

Which Taylor did you get? I have a DN3 and absolutely love it. I think it’s one of the best sounding Taylors I’ve ever played at any price.

Call me as I have appointments a stuff but would love to see you again . you play really well also .

210 which is the cheaper one but it plays well and sounds good I got the tobacco burst and got it real cheap new with hard shell case for 7 hundred scratch and dent sale but it took me two months to find anything wrong with it . a very fine mar on the finish side ways and with a strong light or it is like it is not there. if I had a camera that worked with win 7 I would post
a picture



here it is


Very nice!

after several times of being shocked with 700 volts I lost most of the tunes and lessons I had learned , One I got back today was “When its peach picking time in Georgia” Doc watson style I love the sounds . as soon as I get a recorder of some kind I will post it on the forum . I am glad I am picking it back up so easy ,well not so easy on some I did. The surf music would be the hardest to get back but I do have a CD I made so I can at least hear it … It is over 25 years old and I did all of them first time no redo’s so there are mistakes . Take care friend and keep playing that guitar…