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Carpal Tunnel issues

I’ve had CTS in both hands for close to 20 years now. Had the surgery on my right hand about 15 years ago, and no longer have any numbness, tingling or weakness in that hand.

For some reason that I don’t remember, I opted not to get the surgery on my left hand and I am really regretting that now, as it is the biggest hindrance to my practicing.

Before starting practice, I stretch both hands as much as I can stand (I’m an impatient person by nature). Each finger gets stretched, rotate the wrists in and out, split fingers on the neck of the instrument, etc. Then I get to practicing.

As I practice, I start to get into the groove of whatever it is I’m working on and that seems to be when “breakthroughs” occur. Like recognizing how to transition better to another chord shape or whatever. Problem is, this is also when my carpal tunnel really starts to kick in, and I usually have to stop within a few minutes because I literally can not feel my frethand fingers.

Not sure there’s a question here, more of just a vent. I’m limited to 15 - 25 minutes of practice because of this. Then wait about an hour for it to calm down. It’s so frustrating, because everytime I reset, I lose that “breakthrough” period of concentration, and have to try to get back to it before my hand forces me to stop again.

sigh… guess I’ll have to spend a few thousand dollars on surgery this upcoming year instead of a really nice banjo.

Hopefully, I didn’t bum anyone out. Thanks for letting me vent.



I have been dealing with wrist pain issues for years as well. Here is a link to some warmup/stretching exercises that I do often. (takes just a few minutes).

It has helped to relieve a lot of the pain. Can’t recommend them highly enough. Please let me know if it helps.



I think that’s where I found the stretches I’m doing, but it was just images not videos.

Thanks for that!