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Capo on a RF banjo

I’m not sure if it’s me, but every time I use the capo on my Gold Tone OB 150RF, I have to retune it.
A have a Shubb capo designed for a RF fretboard, but I still have trouble.
Any suggestions would be gratefully appreciated.


Hi @2Timothy4 Bob I have the same problem with my “Twanger” but not with my Stelling. This topic has been addressed on the Forum before and you may care to check out @BanjoBen 's lesson on this topic


I’d be inclined to look at bridge placement.

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Just checking, but are you only setting it tight enough to get it to fret the note and placing the capo close to the fret? In addition, the Huber palming method discussed in the video @Archie linked to is very helpful. All that said I sometimes need to tweak after capoing (and it is always sharp with spike use).


Depending on how much the capo throws it off, you may or may not be able to make somewhat of an improvement with capo tension, etc., but I’ve personally never capoed and not had to retune at least a little bit.


In my experience, every banjo is a bit different and that compounds (excuse the pun) when you introduce the radiused neck.

If I slap my $200+ Elliott on my $5k+ Yates banjo, it’s horribly out of tune. I have to hold the capo at a certain angle as I gently tighten it down, and even then there’s a bit of retuning. Other banjo/capo combos are a little different that I’ve had.

For my banjo and many that I encounter, I have to make sure the treble side of the capo tightens evenly with the bass. Check out this video to see what I mean:


Thanks a bunch!
Glad to see I’m not alone in this

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