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Can't "Share with Friends"?

I just noticed on my “My Accounts” page, there are no links for me to share the page/forum with friends. I was sure they were there when I joined… or is that just my imagination?

Hi Bob, I do believe if your friend registers as a free membership of @BanjoBen they can access certain parts of the forum. Not the video swap section though which is for Gold Pick Members only.

Hi Archie. Yeah, I remember that, What I was referring to was the “Share With Friends, Make Big Bucks*” and then “Store Credits” below that in your “My Account” page. I just read in the FAQ that when someone joins on your shared link, you get “Pick Points”:

What are PickPoints and how do I get them?
PickPoints are credits you earn by sharing! Click on one of the sharing options on your account page. When a contact follows your link to create an account, you’re awarded a PickPoint. PickPoints can be used just like cash in the store. One PickPoint equals the value of $1USD.

When checking, I saw no links and thought they were once there when I first joined. Not that I’ve got a line of people waiting, but I was wondering if something changed.

Hi Bob, Right I see what your on about. I’m not sure what’s happening with that, but I’m sure @BanjoBen will have an answer for you when he next reads his mail.

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Last I checked in with that there was a glitch with that feature that he had turned in to get fixed.

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