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Hi There Im a life member and have not been able to get on the site for over 3 weeks

Ben is on his way back from Israel. I’m sure he’ll get to that asap. Can you give us more detail? Is there an error message? Does the site ask for a login but doesn’t work?

The more info you can share, the better.

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My screen is just white with little circles going around. and will not open up to let me log in or even get on the site

I could use a phone no. to contact some one . My email is and ph no is 250 457 9209 Jim Allan British Columbia Canada

Hi Jim, Are you by any chance using a PC with Internet Explorer ?

Sorry not much of a computer guy

When I click on banjo ben it comes up and says log in and forum It will let me open forum but not log in and the banjo ben site

Ok, So your using a computer. Is it an Apple Mac or a Windows operating system?

We need this type of info to try to help you access the site.

If you have someone who is familiar with computers that would help us get through this. Ben is still in Israel but there are a few things we can work through that might get you connected.

im windows 10

Archie thanks for the help, I can open up anything else but it seems like im locked out of anything banjo ben related

Also im using google crome

Hi Jim in that case I can’t offer any assistance.

I use Internet Explorer and there is an known issue with tracking protection that prevents users accessing Ben videos on his secure site if tracking protection is turned on. I am not familiar with Windows 10 or Chrome. But check to see is you have tracking protection turned on somewhere in the Chrome browser. If so turn it off and refresh your web browser and try again. If the intro video displays then try to log in to the website. Using your email address and password. Ben’s website no longer accepts usernames during the login process.

I know how frustrating this is for you but I know for sure Ben will address this just as soon as he is able. Hang in there I am pretty sure he is due home from his trip to Israel real soon.

Archie just had my daughter in law try on her computer and she was able to get on the site with my email and password. she has a diff provider than us

I use Chrome on Windows 7, and tracking protection and have no issues with this, just for reference.

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Thanks Dave, Must just be IE or my computer. I had the same issue on the old site. For some reason Ben’s Video on the Vimeo server won’t display unless I turn off the tracking I think it must have to do with passing cookies or login info.

Archie it cant be log in info cause i cant even get on the site or the log in part to try and log in

Hi Jim, By the sound of things the problem is local either to your computer or your Internet Service Provider. Maybe you could get someone to check out your computer. You may have inadvertently blocked Ben’s site. Check your computer security settings. Look under Tools - Internet Options - Security if set to High that may be blocking your access. Reduce setting to Medium - High and try to log in. In the same location set Privacy to Medium,

Failing that you may have to find a friend with computer experience to check out your Registry Settings. Let us know how you make out,

Hi Jim, You have just proved the problem isn’t Ben’s site by allowing your daughter - in - law to login in on her computer using your email and password.

Hi Archie I got it fixed. I turned the power off and back on, the computer down loaded a bunch of stuff when i turned it back on and now its working. Thanks for your help. Jim